Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Food Incorporated: Curious about the food that you are eating?

I honestly love the documentaries section of NetFlix. I currently just watched the documentary Food Inc. Here is a trailer of the movie. It is absolutely interesting that as I eat this leftover chicken pasta from Redlobster I am shown pictures of a chicken factory that states that they rather pump my gourmet chicken linguini with hormones and be able to harvest the meat in 49 days then let the chicken live out its natural 3month life cycle. I also find it quite mind boggling that there is not a fruit or vegetable that you cannot find in one of your local markets. Has the world changed so much that the annual growing season no longer exists? The answer as you will find from the video is no...The writer of the book Fast Food Nation  says that in truth most of these vegetables are grown in diffrent parts of the world and chemically ripened such as green tomatoes ripened with ethaline gases.

Here is a direct link to the Food Inc. Website where you can purchase it on dvd and BluRay:
(You can watch it for free on Netflix Instant view also)
Top 4 Meat Companies in the USA- Tyson, Cargill, Swift, National Beef
Im going to do an overview of Tyson, since in the movie it seems that Tyson would not do any interviews with representatives whatsoever, also all of the Tyson chicken growers were told they it was in thier best interest not to be talking or showing there filmmakers the farms that they mantain and own. Lets see what kind of interesting things we can find.

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