Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Monsanto: The Multinational Company who owns the Soybean

 After watching Food Inc. it becomes very clear who is in charge of our nations food supply and how the traditional farmers role in society no longer is the same as it was decades ago. Farmers and their unique symbol in the history of america and the agricultural background this country has is being surpressed and controlled by multinational companies such as Monsanto. Agriculture as a business in worth so much money and it seems to me that those who can stack thier money higher can just do what they wish. Monsanto is a multinational biotechnology conglomerate that owns the genetic rights to such crops as sugar cane, corn, cotton, and soybeans. Here is thier offical site if you would like to check them out for yourself as well. I found a very interest picture on thier website i thought i would show everyone.
It seems as though as you read the statements on this picture it is quite odd why these things are being said. the Challenge:meeting the needs of today while preserving the planet for tomorrow. Really? Im pretty sure genetically engeneering our fruit, vegetable, beef, poultry,pork, and even the seed population is really dangerous. Not to mention that in Food Inc. we see how this multinational company is literally driving out people who dont want to be Forced to purchase from Monsanto and comply with there demands or face monumental monetary losses. I say this as if this is not happening in every other industry in the global economy. Are we really surprised that when Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas makes a move to fine farmers for stealing the property of monsanto he had previously worked for them and still held ties within the company. Uhh...Conflict of Interest is a situation in which a public official's decisions are influenced by the official's personal interests. Hmm, Ilegal...I think so. Thought I would just throw that conspiracy theory out there everyone to enjoy. Monsanto on the other hand looks like a great company to invest money in or to work with because they own the rights to things that people just should not be able to own the rights too.


This Video ABOVE is called the world according to Monsanto, great video that really gets you thinking about the food that we eat and the way it really affect everyone of us. You are what you eat and as long as we are eating Mansanto made products we will be consuming less and less of what the food originally was when our forefathers grew them and harvested them.


  1. There is a lot of bad stuff going on with Monsanto. The whole Patent system is messed up, Technology Patents and Food & Animal Patents. But genetic agricultural industry actually helped us, or am I blinded by propaganda ?

  2. man i could really go for a chic-en-sand-wich.

  3. Mo- Naw the whole concept of genetic engineering is great if you remove Greed. But when you take whole group of farming communitties to jail for reusing seed they collected for next planting season and run their business's intensional into the ground then it becomes wrong. The problem is that Monsanto owns the patent rights on the specific seed, and each season they want more and more money for it. The concept is great for our growing population and probably saved us from food shortages but its fueled now by multinational conglomerates and social responsibilty no longer exists. That is all...